The Folks Of The Philippines, Their Non Secular Progress And Preparation For Non Secular Leadership In The Far East,

Clad in neat caps and aprons the girls be taught each theoretical and practical housekeeping. The aim is to improve Filipino cooking, but the women love to make American dishes. It is a proud day when a plate of actual cookies is taken to the teachers to pattern. This is an accomplishment, when one remembers they had been baked on a Filipino range.

After graduating from the course in Arts and Science within the Dominican College of San Juan de Letran, he studied within the Recollect Theological Seminary in Vigan and was ordained in Manila in 1889. He was unusually apt and faithful as a student and was extremely regarded by the Spanish friars. He took no half within the uprising of I896, but after Aguinaldo had signed the pact of Biac-na-bato, Aglipay was sent to one of the rebel leaders named Makabulos to induce him to signal the pact. Aglipay succeeded, however Proved too liberal for the friars of Tarlac where he had been priest, and solely escaped arrest by fleeing to Manila, the place he was given refuge by the Canon of the Cathedral. THE SPANISH REGIME 115 enterprise outdoors the walled city to officiate in the Manila churches.

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It teaches, more completely than any other sport, that the very best physical condition means abstinence from these vices which sap one’s vigor, similar to smoking, drinking, and immorality. It teaches young males the way to take punishment with out drawing a knife or a pistol. That a sport which has all of those deserves ought to degenerate into the commercialized prize battle, is deplorable, however that is its tendency all over the place, until a sharp line is drawn. In Manila, prize combating has turn out to be a formidable rival of the cockpit. Both of those games enchantment to the identical depraved appetites, the lust for playing and the lust for blood. Literally hundreds of people who are ashamed to frequent the cockpit could also be seen in weekly attendance at the immense lyceum.

Bishop Brent, whereas he was in the Philippines, grew to become so enthusiastic about the Moros, that three society ladies of huge means, contaminated by his zeal, went to Jolo and did remarkable deeds of mercy for almost a 12 months. A Moro named Matias Cuadra, one of the intense and delightful Christians in all of the Islands, graduated from Union Seminary in Manila in I9I9, was ordained as a Christian minister, and has been doing a wonderful work in Siasi and Jolo, with little or no open opposition. Scores of Moslem boys have been baptized and Cuadra has been invited to evangelise about Christ within the very mosques.

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At first he was sorely puzzled in regards to the query of apostolic succession and contemplated going to England or the Continent for the purpose of receiving his investiture from an Episcopal bishop. 2Stuntz, “The Philippines and the Far East,” p. 490; additionally The Manila Times, October 26, I902. 136 THE PEOPLE OF THE PHILIPPINES ern Luzon, and to abandon preventing according to the rules of contemporary warfare. Pitifully equipped for pitched battles, they have been suffering a sequence of disasters. In November I899′ they dissolved their field military and resorted to “guerilla” preventing.

The younger men in the public faculties are apparently as open to the Gospel as any young males within the Islands. forty THE PEOPLE OF THE PHILIPPINES paperwork remaining from that day are preserved with spiritual veneration by current inhabitants of Negros.

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One young man, who had previously been a resident in Ellinwood Dormitory in Manila, contracted the dreaded disease. Instead of succumbing to the overall atmosphere of despair, he established a Sunday school, distributed Bibles, sang hymns, and laid the foundations for a strong church. Meanwhile one of many trendy miracles of medication had remodeled Culion from an island of despair into an isle of hope. Chalmoogra oil was beginning to remedy a couple of sufferers each week. The therapy is lengthy and frightfully painful, but lepers are willing to do something if they could hope for life. A record of names is posted every week, telling who’re dismissed and who have however a number of extra weeks of remedy. The eagerness with which these 4 thousand lepers scan the lists to see how far they and their friends have been promoted towards the longed-for day of launch, is pathetic past description.

Judaism, Christianity, Zoroastrianism, Mohammedanism, Jainism, Buddhism, and Hinduism got here from tropical or semi-tropical Asia, and these are the good surviving religions of the world. If you wish to add Confucianism and Shintoism these are in Asia too. The chief contribution that Europe and America have made to Christianity is to guide it right into a slough of theological despond. The main tendency of the Occidental thoughts has been to remodel worship into philosophy-and to make it indigestible for the Oriental soul.

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They are not glad with this, but are planning to support missionary work among the Moros in the distant Island of Mindanao. THE COMING OF AMERICAN MISSIONARIES 187 THE EPISCOPAL MISSION Five of the chaplains in the christian filipina review army of occupation in the course of the years I898 and I899 have been Episcopalians.

Both Old and New Testament observe-books are illustrated with Sunday faculty cards or footage reduce from the graded lesson papers. These books, that are operating commentaries and Bible dictionaries combined, are very engaging and tremendously prized by the scholars. LAYMEN WHO HAVE MET THE TEST 289 methods to which long despotism had accustomed them. How flabby our church buildings might need been, however for the eagerness and steel which persecution gave them! “Bless those that have persecuted you”-for they have proven pals in disguises. 288 THE PEOPLE OF THE PHILIPPINES burned to the ground.14 Dispensaries have been boycotted because of false propaganda asserting that they were furnishing poison for wells.

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The security valve did not for a time blow off solely as a result of it was tied down; suddenly Destiny untied it. Spain threw Queen Isabella from her throne and became a republic, for four temporary years. For the Philippines these four years have been more important than the complete previous century had been.