Need To Know: Secret Functions Voice Notes On Android You Should Try | Unlock It.

Everyone knows that we can hear the sounds from mobile phone only when we have turned on the volume. Thus, when you are encountering such a situation, the first thing you can do is to check and adjust the volume settings on your iPhone/Android phone. And if you find that you mute your phone accidentally, you need to unmute it then you can hear the sound. Nonetheless, it is not a perfect feature at present cause many users have met the same problem that Facebook Messenger video/voice fails to play while using the feature. Then in order to get rid of this trouble, users start to find some ways to fix Facebook Messenger video or voice fails to play issue.

However, if you are not sure about your pronunciation or have a frog in your throat, you can use this method to use Evernote for Apple Watch. Next, tap on My Watch icon from the same bottom menu. Notes app is one of the most useful productivity apps for iPhone and iPad users. But this app doesn’t impart its excellence to Apple Watch. And therefore, watch users have to rely on Evernote, which gives Notes app a good run for their money. Even as you have downloaded Evernote on your watch, you need to have a thorough understanding of how to use it on Apple Watch.


Just like Apple users, you have the option to hit the Play button to listen or Cancel to start over. Make sure you’ve gathered your thoughts ahead of time, though — the assistant will stop your recording if it notices any long pauses. Tap the microphone icon at the bottom of the screen.

Scroll down a bit and you can also peruse when during the day your steps occurred, and how today’s efforts compare with those from the past week. It does not work as a standalone app, but you need to subscribe to sync with your iPhone and Apple Health. Apple does a good job in its own Activity app for breaking down all the exercise you’ve been doing. But if steps are your thing, ActivityTracker Pedometer zeros in on steps, calories burned and distance travelled. Pear is a personal fitness service – which you can use with or without your phone – that includes all kinds of workouts, from HIIT to yoga to spin and more. There are a variety of levels, too, so you can just take on something to lose some weight, or you can train for a marathon.

Heres What Cardiologists Say About The Apple Watchs New Heart Monitoring Features

9ll calls should only be used for true emergencies. If you call emergency 911 from a connected device (e.g., a connected watch), you’ll be able to receive the 911 call back from emergency responders, but only on the connected device. You can also use Bluetooth headsets with other connected devices, but we don’t recommend it. Using a Bluetooth headset with other connected devices may interfere with communication between your connected device and the host device. Moving in and out of Bluetooth range of your host phone while on a call on the connected device will cause the call to fall back to the host device. For now, if you’re going out without the host device, you’ll want to wait until you’re out of range before you make a call from your connected device.

  • Reminds of the necessity of breathing exercises, I tried — liked it.
  • You can quickly access your favorite or most-used apps through the dock.
  • ” and Siri shows you that person’s most recent 10 messages.
  • WhatsApp messages can be read but voice calls and picts cannot be done.
  • If the measurement is successful, the screen will then indicate the percentage of your blood oxygen level.
  • It is very helpful to learn these simple ways to reply through Apple watch.
  • With Multi-Track Song Recorder, you can record up to four tracks using a metronome.

In both the desktop app read more about this and the web version, when you enter for the first timeyou will see a QR code to link them with the WhatsApp app on your mobile. This means that it’s now tapped to open the mobile you’re signed in to from WhatsApp to. The Professional Version of SING&SEE combines pitch and spectrogram displays of the voice, giving you a powerful tool for working on resonance and exploring your vocal production.

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