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Unfortunately, even the best buy and sell apps provide avenues for scam artists and criminals, and OfferUp is no different. Although OfferUp is making efforts to enable users to safely buy and sell stuff locally online, users still need to be on the lookout for OfferUp scams. I tried to post my REAL Louis Vuitton purse for sale 5 times. I followed all the selling guidelines and EVERY TIME I press submit to sell my purse it tells me my purse isn’t authentic. Even though I’ve posted 4 pictures proving its real I still get emails saying my post was removed. This website is ridiculous I’ve never had to deal with this much nonsense in my life.

If you’re looking to have a clear out of your home and make some money in the process, you should give it a try. Give Poshmark a try if you have clothes to sell. It’s a really popular website where people can buy and sell their clothing.

Facebook Marketplace: Best For Quick Sales

In other words, Letgo has a great system for combating spam and prioritizes quality over quantity of listings. Secondhand marketplaces are basically where used goods and merchandise are exchanged for cash and vice versa. A good example of a secondhand marketplace is a flea market.

I OfferUp apk free download have been having positive experiences selling here. I use an emulation program to list from my computer so I don’t have to use my phone. I wish they would open up listing on computer to make it easier to manage. I was upset that they did not let us post online like Letgo did when they changed.

How To Report Online Scammers

While Letgo & Offerup selling apps are the most well-known ones, there are many more apps and sites out there and it’s important to keep in mind that each place has its own fees. Another contender is OfferUp, an online service and app that recently received funding from PayPal cofounder Max Levchin. Like eBay, OfferUp’s scope is broad, with categories that include antiques, auto parts, and cars and trucks, as well as computers.

  • With Close5, transactions are not conducted through the app.
  • You can sell just about anything on Facebook Marketplace, including gadgets, gifts, household items and even houses.
  • If you were a letgo user, you will utilize your existing letgo account to create a new OfferUp account.
  • And you can list your stuff for sale on there in minutes.
  • Not only does this give buyers more confidence when they buy, but it also provides them with more information on the seller.
  • Know you’d like to sell something online but not sure what?

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